Suicide Statistics


  • In 2015, there were 631 confirmed suicide deaths in Massachusetts. 

  • Most suicide deaths occurred among individuals ages 45-54.

  • Men die by suicide 3 times more often than women. 

  • Females attempted suicide more often than males.

  • Peo­ple die by sui­cide nearly 3 times more often than by homicide.

  • Most suicide deaths occur by suffocation.


United States

  • There were 44,965 reported sui­cide deaths in 2016. 

  • One per­son dies by sui­cide every 13

  • It is esti­mated that nearly 1,000,000
    peo­ple attempt sui­cide every year.

  • Guns are the lead­ing means of sui­cide death.

  • Men die by sui­cide 4 times more often than women.

  • Women attempt sui­cide 3 times more often than men.

  • Sui­cide is the 2nd lead­ing cause of death for youth ages 15–24.

  • For every sui­cide death, it is esti­mated that there are at least six survivors.

  • Based on 2016 data, individuals ages 45–54 have the high­est rate of sui­cide.

Suicide Facts

  • Talking about suicide WILL NOT put the idea into someone’s mind. Most people will be relieved that someone has noticed their pain and are willing to help.

  • People who die by suicide generally DO warn others. Knowing the risk factors and warning signs and talking with the person is a major factor in preventing suicide.

  • People who talk about suicide MAY be trying to get attention in order to get help. They should be taken seriously. It may be the only way they know how to ask for help.

  • If a person attempts suicide, it IS likely they will try again.

  • Once a person’s emotional state improves, the risk of suicide IS NOT necessarily over. It may mean that they have made the decision to die by suicide and are feeling relieved at their decision.

  • Most people who think about suicide ARE AMBIVALENT right up until the end. Most people don’t want to die; they want the pain to stop.

  • Suicides are generally preventable. There are effective treatments for mental health and substance abuse problems.

  • Most suicides occur during the SPRING months, not the holidays.

  • About 20% of all suicide deaths are veterans.

  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.

  • Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for youth ages 15-24.